First Look: Mitch Hess in Sons of the Prophet

Mitch Hess as Joseph in Little Theatre of Manchester’s June 2017 production of Sons of the Prophet. Photo by Chris Huestis
Mitch is a native of South Dakota and has lived in CT for the past 12 years. He was last seen on the LTM stage as Lawrence the photographer in Calendar Girls. You may also remember him chasing around flight attendants in last years Boeing Boeing, or as the guard who picked up horse droppings in Shrek (okay, you may not remember that one). He is beyond thrilled to be returning to the LTM stage to be part of this touching and funny play.
Mitch leads the cast of Sons of the Prophet as Joseph Douaihy, a 29, Lebanese-American, former competitive runner, now struggling with his health. Despite his setbacks, Joseph is not self-pitying. He’s a hopeful guy trying his best.
Sons of the Prophet playwright Stephen Karam says about Joseph, “It was challenging to ensure that Joseph didn’t become a wallower, a victim. Most people are quite courageous in facing their day-to-day struggles. Everyone suffers. Joseph doesn’t feel unique, he doesn’t feel special; he just wants to feel better.”


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