Alysa Auriemma and the cast of Godspell in Little Theatre of Manchester’s April 2017 production of Godspell. Photo by Chris Huestis

Thank you for considering becoming a donor to the Little Theatre of Manchester.

No other group is more critical helping fulfill our mission: To foster interest in and appreciation of the performing arts; to present a wide variety of performing arts programs; to provide training for the development and perfection of skills of every phase of the dramatic arts; to present a variety of live theatre productions, concerts and other performing arts programs; and to operate Cheney Hall, the oldest operating theater in Connecticut, as a core cultural treasure in the State.

100% of donations received go directly to the work seen on the stage.

Donor Benefits

For a Gift of $25

  • Receive name listed in electronic media

For a Gift of $50

  • All benefits at previous level, plus…
  • Receive name listed in playbill

For a Gift of $100

  • All benefits at previous levels, plus…
  • Two (2) BAR VOUCHERS
  • Invitation to one Technical Rehearsal with a pre-reception (new this year by popular demand!)

For a Gift of $250

  • All benefits at previous levels, plus…
  • One-Time Use of the UPGRADE CHAIRS (First come, first served basis; Must have a VIP ticket; Must give advanced notice)

For a Gift of $500

  • All benefits at previous levels, plus…
  • Two (2) tickets (at a table or premium or VIP seating) to the season’s annual gala

For a Gift of $1,000

  • All benefits at previous levels, plus…
  • $325 credit toward one Cheney Hall rental
      tickets to a show with a pre-show dinner), or
    • Ten (10) Opening Night tickets to one show
      donated to a charity of your choosing


Donor Honor Roll

as of March 2017

Alan & Helga Abatayo
Jacqueline Abbott
Catherine Adams
Gail Adams
Danette & Steven C. Aldi
Ann Azevedo & Donato T. DiGenova
Carolyn Bachmann
John Frank and Sandra F. Baiardi
Phyllis Baltaks
Rich & Nancy Belekewicz
John & Janice Benda
Amy F. Ben-Kiki
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bertrand
Mary Blish
John Bolduc
Marcia Bollard
Richard and Rita Borden
Paula and Leland Bradbard
Glenn & Ann Bradley
Duffy & Laurie Brookes
Jeremiah Brown
Sarah Smith & Roberta Bryce
Harold & Evelyn Burr
Wanda Campbell & John Gregory
Don and Marlene Camper
Jacki Campion
John Carlson
Caroline Carter
Brian Case
Robert and Barbara Chapman
Janice & Normand Charlette
Rick and Joyce Chasse
Katherine and Robert Clayton
Carol Colvin
Arnold and Barbara Cosgrove
Joseph Cotier
Roger B. Cottle
Rhonda and Michael Dannehy
Jan & Dick Day
Peg DeForge
Donna and Anthony DeMarco
Gloria Lee Diana
Angela Dias
Mr. and Mrs. David Dickinson
Lynn & Doug Donaldson
Robert V. Dynak
John Eddy
Ward & Harriet Edgerton
David and Mary England
Richard & Mary Eppler
Joyce & Ed Epstein
Harry and Sudie Evageliou
Lucy Falk
Diane Ferguson
Kevin and Lynne Ferrigno
Mary E. Finnegan
Vanessa Hagenow Richmond
Carleton & Glenora Forbes
Michael Forgetta
Janet M. Forgey
Jane Forstell
Bruce & Linda Fortuna
Katherine Fowler
Beverly Fuss
David Garnes
Elizabeth Gawlik
Carolyn & Stephen George
John & Mary Gibbs
Sandra Gingras
Phyllis Goehring
Stanley Greenberg
Bill & Sandi Greene
Nicholas & Janice Grimaldi
Carol Grosso
Jeff and Judy Hamm
Robert S. Hopkins, Jr.
Sue Huggans
Leslie Hunter
Alfred Jacob
Maxine Jaffe
Paula and Steve Jandreau
Peggy and Bruce Johnson
Miriam Kalman
Catherine & Sean Kennelly
Gabor and Marlies Ketting
Diane & Arnold Keyser
Lisa Kiro & Robert Holman
Cathleen Kowalski
Robert & Bonnie Krawiec
Marcella LaBelle
Jean-Paul LeBlanc
Dawn and Robert Leghorn
Geraldine L. Lemelin
Robert and Sally Lessard
Susan G. Lessoff
Austen Lindberg
Carolyn and George Lindberg
Kathleen Lindstrom
Nancy Listro
Michael & Marion Loferski
Barbara and Michael Long
Ann Lucente
Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Madigan
Laureen Mainville
James and Larisa Mann
Carmine and Lorayne Margiotta
Jeannie Marques
Madelyn & Jerry Martinez
Christine Martyn
Elizabeth & Jon Marx
Deb and Jim McAloney
Shirley McGarry
Joe McIlrath
Melanie and John McKenna
Donald McLeod
Lisa Melland
Marcia & Jim Memery
Ann Merwin
Dolores Michna
Dan Miller
Jan Miller and Henry Finkle
Walter Miller, Clare Miller-Burti & Martin Miller
Jackie Mirtl
Dede and Brian Moore
Linda W. Morgan
Bob and Laurie Morrison
Meredith Motyka
Donna Diodati Mozdzierz & Walter J. Mozdzierz, Jr.
Brian & Sue Murphy
Michele Murray & Amos Roleau
Geoffrey & Joan Naab
Josephine Nagle
Dorothy Neil
John K. Nelson
Marilyn & Richard Neumayer
Debi and Dave Newirth
Peggy Newton
Ruth and Bill Olsen
Barbara H. Oman
Nancy Palinski
Marge Patefield
Marie Patulak
John Petrovits & Sharon Morel
Anne & Bill Pie
Carol and John Pinto
Petra W. Preli
Susan Prentiss
Brian & Margaret Quigley
Irene Raiche
Gail and Kenneth Rapoza
Ron & Denise Robillard
Dr. Robert and Alice Rodner
Vincent Rogers
June W. Roncarti
Dave and Ruth Russell
Richard and Wendy Satin
Ron and Sherrie Schallack
Cassie Schiff
Barry and Carlene Schoentag
Michael Selissen and Janet Stone
Rob S. and Anne C.
Alicia Sharon
Gail Shepler
Shawn K. Simpson
Priscilla Smith
Willa Smith
Bill & Deb Smith
Kathy & Barry Stearns
Barbara Stephens
Maryanne Stone & Leona Wilson
Peter Stone
Darlene Sutton
Guy & Nancy Swanton
Judy Tancredi
Kathy Temple
David and Patricia Thorstenson
Edward and Jan Toper
Elizabeth Tracy
Mary-Jane & Jim Traska
Wayne Trembly
Gloria and Bob Trombley
Les and Linda VanDine
Andy & Irma Vincens
Vic and Laura Vincze
Mrs. Mary Violette
Paula & Anthony Vislogliosi
Carrie and David Walton
Anthony and Christina Warchut
Allen M. Ward, Jr.
David & Alison Waxman
John & Nancy Whiton
Dr. & Mrs. Wickersham
Gretchen Wiedie
Charles and Nancy Wiesner
John Wilks
Deborah and Robert Wood
Barbara and John Woods
Joan Yaconiello
George Yntema
Andy and Shirley Zeidler
Jim and Heather Zilora
Ronald F. Zim